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The Neuro Vitality Foundation has more than forty year’s experience in making life better for those in need. Our mission is to maximize feasible functionality in those who suffer from chronic illness or disorders or have physical or emotional challenges in coping and thriving. We pride ourselves on treating the person, not the disease.


Sarah Sutton – Foundation Manager

Sarah is a native of the Coachella Valley. She has worked for the The Stroke Recovery Center as their Administrative Assistant. At the expansion of services, she then became Executive Assistant at The Neuro Vitality Center, assisting the Chief Executive Officer. Sarah took a break from the center when it was shut down due to COVID. She now serves as the Foundation Manager for the Neuro Vitality Foundation.

Sarah is a certified SongShine Instructor and plans on bringing the SongShine Program back to the voices of the Neuro Vitality Center Clients. Sarah enjoys Volunteerism, hiking and spending time with those she loves.

Beverly Greer – CEO

Bev has had the privilege of working with clients at Center since 2005 first supporting Stroke and Traumatic Brain injured survivors at the Stroke Recovery Center, next expanding services to aid those with other neurological disorders as the Neuro Vitality Center, and now expanding to medical and social services for all those disabled and/or chronically ill.  Her continued devotion to making sure these populations in need are not left behind has resulted in many thousands of people receiving services that have made their lives better and allowed them to overcome the challenges and thrive.

Bev has not only written extensively on treatment of these clients so often ignored but she has expanded her influence by working with the Office on Aging, Riverside for 15 years, by spending 9 years on the program committee for the Desert Healthcare District, by working for a number of years on the western regional task force with the American Stroke Assoc. as well as being and active speaker throughout the region to promote long term care. Her passion for caring forms a truly remarkable model that will continue bring joy to future generations.

Jesus Solis – Finance Officer

Jesus brings 15 plus years’ experience as a Business Office Manager. He has dedicated his entire working years helping and educating residents, patients and their families members in their time of need. Not only does he love what he does in the financial/bookkeeping side but also loves helping others getting the care they deserve.

Most people don’t realized how important it is to have the proper health insurance coverage and that’s where Jesus comes in with his knowledge. His years of experience working with all mayor types of insurances has given him the ability to see what is the best choice for every individual according to their circumstances. Making sure loved one’s are not stuck with huge medical bills but at the same time making sure that providers are reimbursed for their services. Jesus has helped many people apply for their Medi-cal, disability and any other benefits they are entitle too. He wants his experience and knowledge to make a difference in someone’s else life.

As much as Jesus loves what he does, he also loves spending every minute with his son who love’s to swim, sing and cook just like his father does.

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